A once in a lifetime experience
in the heart of an Orangutan Sanctuary

BOS Volunteering & Visitation Program

Have you ever wanted to learn about conservation, help save orangutans, and experience the thrill of working in a primate sanctuary? Then please explore our volunteering and visiting options below.

Our visitation programs will get you involved with enrichment, husbandry, general sanctuary upkeep, cultivating local plant species and replanting the rainforest. Alternatively, you can sign up for one of our rainforest retreats to mix a relaxing holiday with your love for wildlife.

By joining the BOS Volunteering & Visitation Program, you play a vital role in bringing orangutans back from the brink of extinction.

Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary

Orangutan Sanctuary

Samboja Lestari Orangutan Sanctuary is one of Indonesia’s most prestigious and renowned orangutan rehabilitation and rescue centres. The emphasis is on the rehabilitation and release of orangutans, many of whom were rescued from atrocious situations. Our Sanctuary also includes a 58 hectare area for over 70 resident sun bears which have all been rescued from the illegal pet trade or areas of major deforestation.

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Samboja Lodge

Ideally situated in the heart of 1,800ha of secondary rainforest, our Samboja Lodge is a beautifully designed and sustainable lodge, decorated with traditional artisanal handicraft produced by local and Dayak communities around the area.

Each room has its own en-suite bathroom and access to the balcony with an incredible view of the lush rainforest that surrounds the lodge.

Explore BOS Volunteering & Visitation Programs

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Borneo Orangutan Tour

ECOTOURISM | 8 days | up to 14 people

Available in English

On this specially crafted expedition you will visit the habitat of the Bornean orangutan, and at the same time help protect the environment for generations to come.

Our behind the scenes trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see orangutan conservation that few ever get to experience, trek through pristine rainforests, participate in workshops and enjoy authentic local cuisine.

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Orangutan Volunteering

VOLUNTOURISM | 14 days | up to 12 people

Available in English

Great for making a practical difference

As an Orangutan Program Volunteer, you will be a key part of our enrichment and welfare program. Enrichment programs are vital for captive orangutans, teaching them how to forage for food, build, modify and use tools, increase agility and develop skills to survive in the wild.

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One-Tree-One-Life Volunteering

VOLUNTOURISM | 15 days | up to 15 people

Available in English | German

Great if you are passionate about rainforests and their inhabitants

Would you like to do something against the destruction of the rainforest and improve the wellbeing of rescued orangutans and sun bears? As a One-Tree-One-Life volunteer you will engage in Samboja Lestari reforestation and enrichment activities as well as become an active campaigner before, during and after your travel!

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Rainforest Retreat

ECOTOURISM | 7 days | up to 10 people

Available in English

Great for relaxation and adventure while making a difference

Through BOS, you have a unique opportunity to help protect and preserve vulnerable species, while enjoying the benefits of yoga, meditation and hiking. Connect with nature, rejuvenate your body and soul, expand on yoga practice and above all, watch rescued orangutans roam freely on specially designed sanctuary islands.

Hear it from the people that’s done it

I loved walking through the forest, the variety of plants, flowers, trees and animals. There was so much to discover. It was so peaceful and quiet – and still you could always hear different animal noises.

Petra Stuber

Thanks to the organisers of the program! What you and BOS achieve in general is unimaginable and to see it up close is wonderful. I would also like to commend the staff at Samboja Lodge. Everyone is very friendly, motivated and seems very happy.

Nico Bärtsch

Your participation makes a BIG difference

Orangutans in our care

Acres of rainforest under our care

Orangutans returned to the wild

Learn more about BOS

All BOS Programs are organised by BOS partners themselves instead of an external profit-oriented agency or broker. This ensures that your financial contribution to this program supports BOS Foundation and the orangutans under our care 100 per cent.

By joining our programs, you are contributing your time on the ground in Borneo. With your optional fundraising efforts in the lead-up to the trip, you are also helping to raise awareness of orangutans and the work of BOS. The money you raise will go directly towards providing care for the orangutans at our rehabilitation centres, as well as helping to fund specific programs such as our Baby Houses, Forest Schools and Reforestation Projects.

Get the incredible chance to learn first-hand about our closest relatives and begin your wildlife adventure by getting involved today!